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Contrary to general opinions, synthetic surfaces do require a certain amount of maintenance. Lack of correct routine care following installation is usually the main factor when unsatisfactory playing characteristics are reported.

McSweeney Sports Surfaces have developed a maintenance schedule that can be easily carried out by grounds personnel. We supply every client with simple, basic care instructions for each type of surface as well as a training session to share how best this should be carried out. We also offer a free annual rejuvenation after the first year.

Contracts & Warranty

We provide maintenance contracts and an 8 year warranty anywhere in Ireland. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Care Instructions

Both Health & Safety requirements and investment protection may be met by:

  • Keeping your playing surfaces and adjacent areas scrupulously clean.
  • Applying preventative treatments of moss-killer / algaecide / weed killer as appropriate on outdoor facilities and at the correct dosages and recommended time of year and, remember to also treat any footpaths.
  • Brushing synthetic grass surfaces regularly and topping up sand levels on sand-filled carpets as required and recommended. Neglecting the correct ‘little and often’ recommended care on expensive carpets can dramatically shorten their life span and lead to poor and, at worst, even dangerous playing surfaces if such recommended routine maintenance is not carried out regularly.
  • 8 year warranty anywhere in Ireland
Do's & Don'ts
  • Do use the recommended footwear for your surface to prevent damage.
  • Don't pull weeds out of asphalt or other ‘hard’ surfaces – use spot treatment should any weeds occur between routine treatments.
  • Don't use oil based weed killers.
  • Don't use salt on frozen surfaces.
  • Don't use metal shovels to scrape snow or ice off surfaces – brooms and wooden scrapers only please.

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