McSweeney Sports Surfaces supply and install synthetic soccer pitches and artificial soccer training surfaces. Often known as Astro Turf pitches or surfaces for 5 aside, our artificial grass sports surfaces meet the increasing demands of soccer clubs throughout the island of Ireland.

Installations range from approved 5-aside soccer league to full size FIFA 1star or FIFA 2star approved We have many examples of our work in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Kildare, Waterford and nationwide.

Drogheda All Weather Pitch 

All weather pitch with fencing and lighting completed at Drogheda Institute of Further Education 2017

Regional FC All Weather Pitch 

All weather FIFA accredited pitch completed in 2016 at Regional FC in Limerick

Soccer ‘Shock Pad’

Increasingly clubs and schools are installing a synthetic shock pad to minimize player injury. The use of laser sensors at installation ensure pitch levels are accurate to +/- 4mm across 4m.

The Great Revenue Generator:

Clubs and schools wishing to upgrade their facilities can offset some of the capital cost by looking at revenue generation from hiring out the pitch facilities. This is particularly lucrative in the winter months when Astro Turf 5-a-side leagues are in full swing.


Each installation must be independently tested to ensure it meets the criteria for FIFA 1star FIFA 2star. Only then can such accreditations be awarded. Only by ensuring that the base is constructed in accordance with specific guidelines in combination with selection of the appropriate shockpad/ turf system guarantees that such accreditations are achieved.

Installation Options: Turnkey or Subcontractor

To request further Astro Turf, or Artificial Grass pitch installation info for your all weather soccer club, school or facility, please contact us or Call us at 061 395786 for a quotation

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