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December 1, 2015

Regional Football Club Project

At 8,300 sq meters, one of our largest projects in 2014 was an exciting dual pitch development which included an extensive upgrade of the surrounding area.

We were commissioned to build two full-sized soccer pitches: a synthetic surface pitch and a natural surface pitch.

During this project, which started in June 2014, we had the opportunity to use the new SMG Sandmatic Machine in the construction of the pitches. This machine allows us to achieve a perfectly even rate per/m on sand fill, while compound laying.

The all-weather, synthetic pitch is approved by UK Labs to FIFA 2* standard. This field testing endorsement provides the reassurance that the bounce, roll, traction and rebound of the ball are all at a very high standard which makes for a better quality of play, ensuring it is in optimum condition.

Other aspects tested are shock absorption and friction, which all relate to the player / surface interaction. The safety of the athlete is paramount and it is fantastic to see more soccer locations are now installing synthetic shock pads to minimise player injury.

Within the project scope we were also required to build a carpark for the Regional Football Club and to upgrade surrounding footpath, fencing and flood lighting.

By October, the project had been completed and was ready, and in use, for matches and training.

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